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Play Free Online Games , fun games , puzzle games , action games , sports games , flash games , adventure games , multiplayer games and more...






1100AD - new free massive online multiplayer medieval strategy game. Control your land, cause horror on enemies, feel yourself as a mighty king! Construct an ideal medieval settlement over an unoccupied land, matching your wishes. But do not forget the fortifications!


Warrior Saga is a MMO web based game which origin from the Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’. However, it’s a Q version which is more cute and lovely. It focuses on pet raising and interactions. Moreover, the high quality produces attractive style with amazing stories; you won’t be disappointed with it.


Fabulously combining MMO, Web, Flash and strategy Elements, Senatry is centered on the era of ancient Rome. Incorporating the elements of RPG, RTS and city building where players can enjoy a journey through time via the splendid scenes and building constructions to conquer the world and kill your enemies.


Is a large web of interactive games. In the game, players build aircraft carriers through the Star, the Milky Way to explore the ancient alien civilization and legacy continue to explore the technology, build alliances with many alien race to develop the vast galaxy.


Poke Elf is a Simulation Game (SLG) with thick Korean features, in which you can keep your lovely pets


Legends of Xian is a browser-based MMORPG which is adapted from Ming Dynasty. Legends of Xian is a perfect combination of RPG, strategy, adventure and various styles. Based on history of China's Ming Dynasty, the entire game features vintage character design, vast territory of ancient China, diversified game systems, and unique game setting. You'll have fun in heroic adventure, affairs management, level upgrade, and unforgettable battles.


Fantasy of Swords is a browser-based MMORPG that showcases many features of any typical MMORPG including a pet system, market trading system, as well as a house system. Other features include item enhancing, an email system, a production system, a treasure rewards system, and much more.


eDragon is an MMO that combines features from RPG and RTS genres. While having many RTS features such as novel-based storytelling when it comes to quest and NPC dialogue, eDragon opens up to players in a very strong RPG setting.


Call of Gods (CoG) is a beautifully crafted, browser based massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. In Call of Gods, players will experience the next generation of browser RTS/RPG gameplay. In keeping with the traditional core style, players create a human, elf, or undead hero and venture out into a massive fantasy world where they can progress through elaborate quest arcs, fight their way with other players through challenging dungeons, amass armies, and ultimately build a powerful castle stronghold within your race’s kingdom.


Welcome to the world of Kingory! It's a strategic browser game that consists of 5 kinds of resources, 10 types of soldiers, 5 kinds of fortifications, 21 stratagems and 914 high heroes. Besides, real-time control technology and Team-NPC combat system can give you the most out of the play.


DDTank is a turn-based PvP shooter that combines a selection of hilarious weapons with a wealth of social features. DDTank has the same gameplay mechanics as the classic Worms, such as taking into account angles, elevation, wind velocity as well as other factors, but adds RPG and social elements. There is a wide variety of weapons to use, item buffs to acquire, and other equipment to earn.


Dragon's Call, a browser based MMORPG has stunning graphics and a large variety of ways to play. Your character will be equipped with an variety of weapons, skills and magical abilities to help you in your journey through quests across the mysterious lands.


Caesary is a web based strategy game with a Roman theme. Start as a Consul of the Roman Empire and rewrite history, bringing order back to Rome. Expand your city, recruit heroes, train devastating armies, conquer land and forge your empire. Battle other players and monsters with immersive real-time strategic combat as you rampage your way across a massive world map.


Welcome to Gunrox, a free-to-play top-down strategy game where you get to command a squad of three units against players from around the world. Fight it out in vibrant locales from junkyards to city streets, each with colorful landscapes. With over 30 different weapons available, from the tried and true assault rifles to the close-range devastation of shotguns and seven other weapon types (maybe you'll find a rare artifact with the power to poison your foe?), there's a lot of fun to be had playing GUNROX. For those that love the feeling of getting stronger, a unique weapon skills and perk tree is available to each of your three units as you level up, not to mention numerous upgrades for your weapons as well! With so much to offer, GUNROX is a unique experience you may want to get addicted to.

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